Treatment of canker sore

I know what you are feeling with your canker sore. It’s very irritating and uncomfortable to carry this sore inside your mouth. But you don’t have to worry. Be sure that it is not at all contagious. Canker sores don’t last for long time and basically no cure of that also. Only you can reduce the frequency of return and decrease the symptoms of canker sore. Therefore canker sore relief is just a matter of time. Though there is several method of canker sore pain relief but they all depends upon the severity and type of the sore.

Home applied method-

There are so many treatments for canker sore relief that you can adopt at home only. These are,

Hydrogen peroxide solution-

mix water with one part of hydrogen peroxide which acts as an antiseptic and help to lessen the amount of bacteria and apply it with the help of cotton swab on the sore directly but please avoid swallowing the solution.

Sodium bicarbonate and saltwater solution-

take a 1 teaspoon of salt and mix it up with one cup of hot water then swish it for 30 seconds in your mouth and spit out. You also can mix a ½ teaspoon of baking soda with water and make a paste.canker sore picture Now apply it on the sore. You can use it as many times as you need it and it will give a canker sore pain relief and quick heal from it also.

Milk of Magnesia-

it is preferable to use after applying the hydrogen peroxide in the sore. Milk of Magnesia is nothing but a liquid suspension of magnesium hydroxide. You can apply this milk of magnesia on your sore directly with the help of cotton swab it will help you to reduce the pain and quick heal.

Treatment-canker-sore-1Liquid Antihistamine-

mix one part of milk of magnesia and another part of diphenhydramine (Benadryl) together. Now take the solution in your mouth and swash it for a minute then spit out completely but avoid swallowing the solution. It will help to canker sore relief quickly treat canker sore .

Oral care products-

you can use the paste or gels on the sore which are only marketed as a canker sore relief product which will help you to reduce the canker sore pain quickly.

As said earlier that the canker sore treatment are totally depended upon the severity and the type of canker sore. Therefore if someone suffering from major or herpetiform canker sore then it is always advisable to consult with dentist. Treatment for the serious canker sore is-

Silver nitrate-Treatment-canker-sore-2

it is applied directly to the sore. But it should be done by a dentist or the physician. It is used as an immediate canker sore relief process.


it is the combination of sulfuric acid and sulfonated phenolic compounds which acts same way as a silver nitrate. But it is available only on behalf of prescription and should be applied by a dentist or a physician.

There are also some other prescription medications are present for the canker sore relief that many dentist refer to use.