How to heal canker sores

Oh God!! It’s paining so much. How to heal canker sores?? Let me tell you, Canker sores are one of the most common sores taking place in mouth. They are also known as Apthous ulcers. They are white or yellow in colour and are surrounded by dark red ulcers. how-to-heal-canker-soresWhether they are hereditary or caused due to viral infections or environmental conditions, they give you a lot of pain that you can not even eat anything. You can’t even concentrate on your work properly and your mind would only be thinking how to heal canker sores. There are lot of ways in which you can think how to heal canker sores. Still you would be thinking how to heal canker sores quickly because you can’t afford them inside your mouth for long period. But it’s a big question whether this treatments work completely for healing these painful sores or not. Although you can reduce the intensity of these ulcers so as to make you feel somewhat comfortable. Even you can find some medications and remedies for speeding up the healing process and help you easing the pain.

how to heal canker sores treatments

The treatments for Canker sores might vary depending on its type and severity. You can go for any of analgesics, anaesthetics how-to-heal-canker-sores-1how-to-heal-canker-sores-1agents, steroids, antiseptics or anti-inflammatory agents. One simple way how to heal canker sores is the use of salt water and sodium bicarbonate. Just mix 1 spoon of salt in a glass of water, Add half spoon of sodium bicarbonate in the mixture, put it in your mouth for sometime and than throw it out. Do it thrice a day. You will definitely see changes in your mouth. If this doesn’t works, you might be worried how to heal this canker sores relief.

Don’t worry. Mix one part of hydrogen peroxide in a part of water. This acts as antiseptic and removes the bacteria in your mouth. Now apply milk of magnesia on the affected places by cotton material. This relieves you from pain and the healing process speeds up.

how to heal canker sores

If severity of canker sores is very high, you should better consult a good doctor and take prescribed medicines. They might ask you to take tetracycline liquid for removing the severity. If you are fed up of the pain, you can use anesthetic like lidocaine that can be applied on the affected areas or can be used to rinse the mouth to get a deep relief from of acidophilus fights against this ulcers and gives you relief from the pain. You can find this substances in many dairy products. Oracort can also be used for healing the canker sores faster. But you need prescription to get it.

It’s good you are taking better treatments but still not enough and the question still in mind how to heal canker sores. You should also take proper care in consuming the food. Avoid sodium, acidic and spicy foods as this kind of food may affect this sores and would increase the pain. Instead take simple and healthy foods like fruits, milk products to avoid the pains.