Painful canker sore

Some of us might have a question,

what is a canker sore?

Painful-canker-soreCanker sore is nothing but a small, painful sore or ulcer which is usually found in the mouth. Canker sore is also called as Aphthous Ulcers. It appears as oval or round sores combined with white or yellow center and red border inside the mouth.

Now if you ask what is canker sore in the mouth? Then answer will be very simple; as the canker sore usually found inside the mouth therefore the sores is called canker sore in the mouth. But don’t get puzzled with the cold sores, mind it cold sores are found normally outside of the mouth and the canker sores are found inside the mouth.

Now I think you have got your answers of what is canker sore? And what is canker sore in mouth?

What are the symptoms of the canker sore?

If canker sore is developing then there will be a stinging or burning sensation in the area where the lesion is budding inside your mouth. Soon after that a tiny red bump goes up. Normally it bursts after few days and a white or yellow centre wound with red border get appeared. This is very painful specially when you eat, drink or talk. Fever might also get mingle with canker sore giving you a slothful feeling. But they don’t stay for long time. They usually disappear after one or two weeks and are also not contagious.

Where the canker sore develops?Painful-canker-sore-1

There are several places inside the mouth where the canker sore get develops canker sores on lips . These are,

  • It might get developed inside the lip or your cheek.
  • It also may develop on the tip or the top surface of the tongue and also beneath the tongue.
  • Or on the tissue’s of the gum.

What is canker sore on tongue?

If you find some burning and stinging sensation on your tongue and see some red bordered sore on it then be sure that you have canker sore on your tongue.

What is canker sore on lip?

If you experience some burning and stinging sensation on your inside portion of lips combine with red border and white or yellow centre wound then you have canker sore on lips. But don’t mix it up with the cold sores on your lips. As the cold sores are found outside of the lip but canker sores appear inside of your lip.

What are the types of canker sore?

Painful-canker-sore-2There are three types of canker sore. These are,

  1. Herpetiform Canker Sore- this type of canker sores stays for one week to one month. Cluster of numerous small lesions which appears a large sore is a sign of Herpetiform canker sore.
  2. Major Canker sore- this type of canker sore last for more than two weeks. Sores of this type are normally 1/3 to ½ inch in size and are usually found in immuno-suppressed patients. This type of sore leaves a scar behind.
  3. Minor- it last for one week and normally 1/3 to ½ inch in size.

Now I think you got some information regarding what is canker sore and all.