White Sores In Mouth-Symptoms And Cures

white-sores-in-mouth-1Whiter sores in mouth are not a particular disease but it is symptom of other diseases like a mouth irritation or oral lesions. Mouth sores are of different types however, cold sores, canker sores and leukoplakia are the most common of them. Almost all of us get affected with mouth sores in the long run and these lesions and sores often cause pain and irritation. These sores create trouble in speaking and eating. Apart from this general overview there are other facts as well that we should learn about white sores in mouth and gums. Knowledge of a few basic facts about white sores will help us to stay to stay protected and prevent them. If ignored this can give birth to serious issues and can be cankerous as well.


Sometime it seems difficult to detect white sores in mouth in its first stage. However, after a week or two these symptoms are noticed in patients who suffer from white sores.

  • The inside area of gums and mouth will look abnormally red. This area will go swollen and shiny as well
  • On gums and under tongues you will notice small ulcers.
  • Sometime you will notice blood in your mouth
  • Throat pain is a common symptom of mouth sores and sometimes it results in fever.
  • You will feel enlarged mucus in the mouth area.
  • While eating cold and hot food you will feel gentle burning , pain and dryness
  • On tongue or moth there will be yellow or white colored films.
  • There will be a kind of soft and white colored patches inside your mouth.

These symptoms start developing when the sores mature a bit. It may vary from one affected person to another but in general almost all of them are noticed in majority of victims mouth sores treatment .


White sores in mouth are actually either canker sores or clod sores or it can be a symptoms different other oral irritations as well. There can be several causes that make you a victim of these irritating sores.

  • white-sores-in-mouthThere are a few people who have poor fitting and broken tooth. They often fall victim of mouth sores
  • If you believe that chewing tobacco is injurious for you lungs only you are wrong. This unwanted practice can give birth to mouth sores and create trouble for you.
  • Sometime small reasons like burning of mouth due to eating hot drinks or food, gives birth to a mouth sores.
  • Braces can also be responsible for these sores
  • Herpes simplex virus cause cold sores in mouth


white-sores-in-mouth-2Generally, White sores in mouth are nothing so dangerous and it can be treated following a few home remedies. If you are suffering from mouth sores you can try these remedies to get rid of it:

  • Everyday check your mouth twice with a Popsicle stick and a flash light to see the development of the sores. This will help you to decide what will be your next step of treatment.
  • Before using tooth brush rinse it in Luke warm water and after brushing keep it in a dry, cool place
  • Drink tea with honey and lemon at-least thrice in a day.

However, if you notice something abnormal and if these tips bring no changes in White sores in mouth situation, you must consult a doctor for total clarification.